Why Soil Injected Fertilizer Is Worthwhile

Fertilizing your trees is an essential part of putting your trees to bed before winter. While you can fertilize through traditional methods like granular fertilizer, advances in tree care technology have made caring for your trees simpler.

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Injection treatments, also known as deep root fertilization, are one such advancement, allowing fertilizer to be directly injected into the soil near the tree’s roots. Here is why soil injected fertilizer is worthwhile:

Quick, Easy Application

One of the reasons soil injected fertilizer is worthwhile is that application is quick and easy. These injections are made with a narrow injection tool that can go as deep as 10 inches into the soil, to the tree’s root zone. Several injections are made around the tree and the liquid is injected into the hole. These holes also have the benefit of aerating the soil.

Soil injected fertilizer is especially beneficial to trees in urban environments where soil may be poor or they are growing in harsher areas like by the road.

Quick Absorption By The Tree

The liquid fertilizer distributes a balance of humic acids and nutrients throughout the soil. Nutrients are more easily absorbed by the tree, allowing it to take advantage of these nutrients quicker than granular fertilizer.

Contact A Professional For Application

When making the decision to fertilize your trees or not, you should consult with a professional tree care company like Hansen’s Tree Service. A professional will examine your trees, take soil samples, and help you determine if your trees will benefit from fertilization. In doing so, you will avoid harming your trees through over-fertilization.

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