Soil Injected Fertilizers Versus Pellets & Stakes

Do you want to keep your trees healthy and robust? In many cases, adding fertilization to your tree care routine is just what’s needed. But what kind of fertilizer should you use? Stakes, pellet, or liquid fertilizers?

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Liquid soil injected fertilizers have many advantages over pellet and stake fertilizers. Benefits of soil injected fertilizer for your trees include:

Soil Injection Provides Accurate and Uniform Dosing

When fertilizing your trees, it is essential that you do not overdose your trees. Providing them with too much fertilizer can burn the tree and result in browned leaves and roots, and you may see an increase in pests and disease.

Unlike pellets and stakes, deep root fertilizing is applied where its needed and in the correct amounts. Pellets can be difficult to apply uniformly and fertilizer stakes will affect only a small area around each spot. Soil injected fertilizers provide even and accurate dosing, so your tree gets what it needs and where it needs it.

Soil Injections Stay In Place

If you have used pelleted fertilizer in the past, you have probably experienced the frustration of coming back outside after a good rainfall only to find your fertilizer washed away.

Liquid, soil injected fertilizers stay in place so your tree will continue reaping the benefits. Because they are not on the surface, rain does not wash it away.

Soil Injections Offer Custom Blending

Soil injected fertilizers can be custom blended to meet the specific needs of your soil and tree situation.  Are the leaves a bit yellow during the growing season?

A bit of iron and sulfur in the fertilizer might be part of the remedy. Injected fertilizer can also include materials that improve the nutrient’s availability to the tree once its applied to the soil, and it can also include beneficial organisms that attach to the tree roots and act as super absorbers of the available nutrients.  It’s a win-win!

Hansen’s Tree Service Can Help You Find The Right Fertilizer

Before you apply fertilizer to your trees, you must first know if they need it to avoid over-fertilization. A professional, reputable tree service like Hansen’s Tree Service will help you understand what fertilizer will best meet your needs and if your tree will benefit from fertilization.

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