Spring Is The Season For Hansen’s Organic Mulch

We love mulch. It is a fantastic resource for keeping your plants and trees healthy all year round. Hansen’s Tree Service specializes in organic mulches, created in-house from green waste generated on jobs.

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Spring is the season for mulch, applying it after the last frost. In doing so, you gain terrific benefits that promote the health of not only your plants but the environment.

Hansen’s Organic Mulch Provides A Host Of Environmental Benefits

Hansen's organic mulch

Hansen’s organic mulch is a smart choice for your garden. When placed around plants and trees, you get:

  • Better water retention
  • Reduced weed growth
  • Reduced water evaporation

Mulch is also an excellent way to protect the roots of your plants by keeping the soil just the right temperature, as well as helping prevent erosion. Before watering, always check to see if your plants need it to avoid root rot.

Apply Your Hansen’s Organic Mulch Correctly

Applying your Hansen’s organic mulch is easy, but some rules that need to be followed to get the most benefits. Mix up old and new mulch to aerate layers, check the depth, and make sure fresh mulch is needed. Mulch should always be applied no more than 2 inches deep. I

Avoiding mulch volcanoes and using the same mulch over and over again will result in a healthy growing environment for your plants. If you pile mulch against your trees (hence, volcano), you could kill the plant.

If you’re not sure how much mulch you need for your purposes, we have a handy mulch calculator you can reference.

Know What Type Of Hansen’s Organic MulchYou Need

In addition to the different mulch consistencies available, there are organic and inorganic mulches available on the market. Organic mulches are better for the environment in that they can break down and provide nutrients to the soil, as opposed to inorganic mulches like rock or rubber chips.

If you are unsure about what type of mulch is best for your needs, the experts here at Hansen’s Tree Service will be more than happy to help guide you.

Hansen’s Offers Several Mulch Color Options

Yes, you can choose the color of the mulch you want! At Hansen’s Tree Service, we provide mulch in blacks, reds, and browns to compliment your style. Our colored mulches are dyed with non-toxic dyes whose color can last for up to six months.

Get Your Hansen’s Organic Mulch Delivered Right To Your Door

When you order Hansen’s organic mulch, we can deliver it right to your door. Our residential mulch services are an easy and convenient way to get the mulch you need when you need it. The best part? There’s no contact required! We will deliver it to you when you want it, even if you are not home.

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Ordering Your Hansen’s Organic Mulch Is Easy

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