Stay Safe This Holiday Season With Hansen’s Tree Service

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we’re all about safety. Even during the holidays, we never rest!

From storms to routine maintenance, the professionals at Hansen’s are committed to making sure that your holidays are safe and merry.

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This holiday season, stay safe inside and out by following these essential safety tips from Hansen’s Tree Service:

home safety tips

Keep Your Trees Pruned

Even if you aren’t the one to decorate the trees outside of your home, it’s still important to get them pruned. Pruning your trees in the winter prevents accidents like fallen limbs that could cause property damage. Keep your family and guests (and their vehicles!) safe this holiday season by making an appointment with an ISA-certified arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service.

Keep Your Live Tree Watered

If you chose a live tree this year, remember to keep it watered! A well-watered live tree will keep its beauty for longer and prevent it from drying out.

So remember to refresh it’s water daily and keep it away from heat sources.

Know What Electronics Go Where

Are those Christmas lights you’re putting outside supposed to be there? What about the lights you’re using on your tree?

Each year before you get out your decorations and before you put them away, check them for damage and understand if something is outdoor-safe. Putting indoor lights outside can result in a possible short. If something is older than 5 years or you’re not sure about them, throw them out and buy new.

Safely Dispose Of Your Live Tree At The End Of The Season

When it’s time to take down your live tree at the end of the season, take the time to safely dispose of it.

Instead of putting it out with the trash (most principalities won’t take green waste with your everyday garbage) take it to a recycling center instead. There, it can be turned into organic mulch and can even be used to help rehabilitate wildlife habitats!

Whatever you do, don’t burn your tree! Open burning may be illegal where you live and the needles of Christmas trees contain substances called turpenes that burn very quickly and can send sparks flying. The sap from the tree can also rapidly heat up and explode, causing burns and potentially a fire.

Call Hansen’s Tree Service In The Event Of A Fallen Tree

If a tree falls during the festivities, don’t worry, Hansen’s Tree Service will be there! Our emergency team is available 24/7 by calling us at 636.379.1830.

Before calling Hansen’s Tree Service for emergency tree services, call your power company first if an electric line is down. This step is critical for the safety of yourself, your family, neighbors, and our team. Never approach downed lines.

Stay Safe This Winter
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