The 4 Best Replacement Trees For Your Ash

Ash trees are highly susceptible to the invasive emerald ash borer. This pest feeds on the leaves and bark of ash trees, causing extensive damage and tree death. Since 2002, it has killed millions of ash trees and caused billions of dollars of damage in the United States.

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If you live in the Midwest, here are some great replacements for your ash tree:


ash tree replacement

Oaks are a great replacement for ash trees in that they are native to the Midwest, hardy, and provide sanctuary and food for many kinds of animals. Varieties of oak, like red oak, have brilliant fall colors. There are a wide variety of oaks that are suitable for many yards, making it easy to choose the size and shape that is best for you.

Red Maple

The red maple has earned it’s name: red flowers, red fruit, red fall foliage, and even red twigs! This species can tolerate a wide range of habitat conditions and do well in both shade and sun, and wet and dry soils.

American Elm

If you want a tree that provides a lot of shade, can tolerate drought, compacted soil, poor drainage and air pollution, and has a good tolerance to soil salt, American elm could be the tree for you. Though susceptible to breakage, with the right care when it is young it can develop a strong structure.

It should be remembered that elm is at risk for Dutch elm disease, so if you choose to plant American elm get them regularly inspected and treated by an ISA-certified arborist.


Hackberries are a hardy shade tree that can survive tough urban environments. It can survive drought, wind, and ice and its berry-like fruits attract local birds and other wildlife. Though not known for it’s fall color, this tree is a good choice for beginning gardeners because it tolerates hot summers and cold winters.

Consult With Your Local Arborist

Your local arborist will be able to help you find the best tree for your area. Our professional arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service are always more than happy to recommend native tree species and organic products like topsoil and compost for your location and needs.

We also provide at-home tree consultations and hassle-free estimates so you can choose the best trees and tree care methods for you.

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