The Best Time To Plant Seeds With Hansen’s Super Soil Topsoil

There is something satisfying about growing your own plants from seed, watching new growth sprout. Starting seeds before you plant them is important in getting them ready to be planted outside when the time is right.

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Following these tips for planting seeds and giving them the right start in life will help the seedlings thrive:

Know What Types Of Seeds You Have

The best time to plant seeds is around late March to early May, depending on the seed and your planting zone. Plants started from seed the earliest include broccoli, cabbage, violas, and others.

Before planting, read the instructions on the package carefully. Some seeds require a specific pH balance, while others, like lavender, prefer poorer soils. In their case, you would consider soil blends like cactus. You may see instructions like “plant after last frost” so remember to keep an eye on the weather so you do not put your delicate seedlings out too soon.

Seeds Can Be Sowed Indoors, If You So Choose

Regardless of the time of year, seeds can be sowed indoors under the right conditions. After planting according to instructions, keep the containers in a warm location with plenty of light. Alternatively, you could plant in what is known as a cold frame, a deep, bottomless planted that is placed over your plants to protect them from adverse weather. The transparent roof will admit sunlight while preventing heat from escaping.

Get The Healthiest Plants With Hansen’s Super Soil Topsoil

To get the healthiest yield from your seeds year after year, plant with Hansen’s Super Soil Topsoil. Our unique blend is the perfect mixture of soil and our organic compost for a nutrient rich product that will get your plants off to the right start.

This product differs from our organic compost in that it comes pre-mixed to take guessing how much compost you need out of the equation! You can plant your seeds and plants directly into our topsoil, unlike compost.

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