What Are Tree Galls & Will They Harm My Trees?

When you see strange lumps, bumps, and growths on your tree it’s understandable that you may be concerned for the health of your trees. Are they something serious?

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Tree galls are abnormal growths that occur on the leaves, trees, and branches. Tree galls can be caused by several things, including insect activity, bacteria, and fungi. Typically, galls are formed as a result of the tree growing this abnormal tissue in order to isolate the insect or pathogen. Midges, wasps, aphids, and mites are some common examples.

Do Tree Galls Cause Any Damage?

Damage from galls is usually aesthetic. While they may be unsightly, tree galls do not often harm trees. They could, however, be a symptom of a tree disease such as cedar rusts so if your tree experiences other symptoms such as browning leaves, gelatinous orange spikes, and dieback, call a professional tree care company to inspect the tree.

Can I Prevent Tree Galls?

While galls may not be able to be prevented entirely, you can reduce their appearance through treatments of your trees for pests and fungi that can cause galls. These must be applied early by a professional, ISA-Certified arborist.

If the galls are gouty oak gall and horned oak gall, then control is recommended in St. Louis. Call your ISA Certified arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service for a tree inspection.

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