What Is Wrong With My Trees? Deadwood

Deadwood Is Wood That Has Died On Your Trees

Dead branches, or deadwood, is a natural part of a tree’s lifecycle that can be caused by damage, whether from storms, diseases, animals, or man-made. Rather than being shed from the tree right away, deadwood often remains attached to the tree. This can have a detrimental effect on the tree and your property, leading to fungal diseases, pest problems, or property damage.

It also makes your trees look bad and inhibit them from growing properly.tree pruning

Signs Of Deadwood In Your Trees

Spotting deadwood in your trees can be easy. The easiest thing to notice is a branch that looks dead when it should be alive. This means there are no buds, leaves, or other growth when there should be. Other signs include:

  • Warm to the touch in summer; live wood is cooler
  • The branch is brittle
  • The branch is clearly bent or broken
  • Mushrooms growing on the branch

Managing Deadwood In Trees

If your tree has deadwood, the easiest solution is to call a professional tree care company to come out and prune it away. Pruning will remove this dead growth and allow for a safer tree structure and healthy growth. It will also help prevent further damage to your tree should a storm come by and knock off that deadwood.

While deadwood is expected in a tree, you should have your tree inspected by a Hansen’s ISA Certified Arborist if you suspect a pest or disease has caused the deadwood. We will come out to check your tree and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

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