What Is Wrong With My Trees? Tent Caterpillars, Part 2

Tent Caterpillars Live In Groups

Tent caterpillars are juvenile moths that live together in large groups in nests that resemble large webs. They spend the winter as eggs before emerging around April, when they will build their nests.

There Are Several Different Species Of Tent Caterpillarspest managment

There are several different species of tent caterpillars, including:

  • Eastern tent caterpillar
  • Forest tent caterpillar
  • Fall webworm

Like bagworms, tent caterpillars are easy to spot and are best treated early.

Controlling Tent Caterpillars

On smaller trees, their nests can be manually destroyed in the early morning or dusk while the larvae are inside. One way to do this is to submerge them in a bucket of soapy water overnight.

Whatever you do, do not attempt to control tent caterpillars by burning their nests. This is a fire hazard, as the fire can damage the tree and potentially spread across your property.

If a pesticide is to be used, always read and follow label directions for safe use and storage.

Better yet, call the professionals at Hansen’s Tree Service for a free estimate and treatment plan for controlling tent caterpillars.

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