What Should I Do With My Dead Tree With EAB?

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a highly invasive species that has wreaked havoc on the native ash trees of North America. As such, it is of the utmost importance that if you have ash trees on your property that they are treated and cared for to prevent EAB

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Remove The Tree Right Away

If your tree has died from EAB, you need to remove it right away. Leaving a dead tree in your landscape poses a danger to both people and property and you risk the borer spreading to other vulnerable nearby ash trees.

Do Not Transport The Wood!

To prevent the spread of EAB do not transport the wood more than 50 miles from where it came from. Keep it as close to the original site as possible. Quarantines are set up by local governments and the USDA to prevent the spread of this devastating pest.

Experts agree that EAB moves from region to region via the movement of cut logs and firewood. The pieces of roundwood create a place for eggs and larvae to hide and emerge later to infest a new area.

Recycle The Wood

When you remove a tree due to EAB, the wood does not have to go to waste. You can recycle the wood into mulch at your local tree company like Hansen’s. The grinding process will create small enough pieces that won’t support eggs or larvae. Be sure to mention that the tree had EAB.

The tree can also be used for lumber if it is over 12 inches in diameter, has been dead less than a year, and free of defects and rot.

Burn The Wood

It is safe to burn wood with EAB. You could use the wood as bonfire wood or simply burn it to dispose of it. Before you do, make sure you follow all burn laws in your area.

Firewood that has been created with an ash tree with EAB should stay as close to the original site as possible to prevent the spread of EAB to other areas.

Contact Hansen’s Tree Service

Whatever your choice, a tree with EAB should not be left to die, as the tree will be very brittle and pose a safety threat. To be safe with your tree with EAB, contact Hansen’s Tree Service. Our ISA Certified and insured arborists are trained to safely dispose of trees that have been infected with EAB.

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