What’s Wrong With My Tree? Construction Damage

Construction Damage Can Happen Anytime

Construction damage can happen anytime there is activity on your property that requires digging or heavy equipment. The most common injuries to trees during construction include:

Signs Of Construction Damageprevent constrution damage

Signs of construction damage in your trees include:

  • Leaning
  • Splitting
  • Poor growth
  • Leaf wilting and dropping

This structural damage is reason to be concerned about your tree’s health and call an ISA Certified Arborist.

Preventing Construction Damage In Your Trees

Preventing construction damage can be as easy as hiring a professional tree care service like Hansen’s to provide tree protection plans designed to protect the site from unnecessary damage.

If damage has already occurred, an arborist will present a plan to treat the tree and prevent further damage. After construction, make sure that the tree is cared for through:

  • Mulching
  • Fertilization
  • Soil aeration
  • Pruning

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we work hard to minimize damage at every level with responsible land clearing. We utilize low-impact machines to minimize soil disturbance and protect your valuable trees by removing only what you want removed.

Take Control Of Your Tree’s Health

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