What’s Wrong With My Tree: White Pine Pollution Damage

White Pine Is Intolerant Of Air Pollution

White pine is a rapid-growing, long-lived, needled evergreen tree that is native to the eastern United States. This evergreen is intolerant of air pollution such as sulfur dioxide and ozone. As such, they can decline and be susceptible to diseases and pests.

white pine decline

Symptoms Of Pollution Damage In White Pines

Signs of pollution damage in white pines include:

  • Needle chlorosis
  • Tip-burn
  • Premature needle drop

Before diagnosing pollution damage in your white pines, an ISA-certified arborist from Hansen’s Tree Service will inspect your tree to rule out other conditions.

Treating Pollution Damage In Your White Pines

There is no surefire way to treat pollution damage in your white pines. If your white pine has declined it may be best to remove it and replace it with a hardier tree. This is especially important if it has been infected by diseases or pests, as it will prevent those problems from spreading to other trees in the area.

When choosing trees for your property, pick trees that are well-suited for your area and their placement well. If you must plant white pines, make sure they are away from the road to prevent salt spray. Avoid hot, west-facing sites or using them as windbreaks.

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