What’s Wrong With My Trees? Heavy Snow Load

A heavy snow load on your trees weighs down their branches, causing them to bend, break, or split. This may lead to a hazardous situation on your property that should be tended to by a professional, ISA Certified Arborist.

winter tree damageSigns Of Heavy Snow Load Damage

Signs of heavy snow load damage on your trees may not be seen until the snow melts. However, some signs, like bending, can be clearly seen. Other signs include:

  • Broken branches, either on the ground or hanging in the tree
  • Bark and branch splitting
  • Damaged or loosened cables, if tree has been cabled

If there are branches hanging in the tree, do not stand under it or attempt to climb the tree to remove the branches yourself.

Managing Heavy Snow Load Damage

If your trees have been impacted by a heavy snow load, contact your ISA Certified Arborist for next steps. For small shrubs, you can simply shake the snow off, but for taller trees, leave them alone. If shaken, these trees can drop broken limbs hidden by the snow, causing harm. If your limbs are covered with ice, do not remove it. Simply allow the ice to dry as the temperature increases.

Getting your trees inspected and pruned before a heavy snowfall will address structurally unsound limbs to reduce the chance of breakage.

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