When Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary?

After the removal of a tree from your property, the stump will be left behind. Should you remove it? Leave it?

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At Hansen’s Tree Service, we always recommend the removal of a stump. Why? Removing a stump will:

Protect Your Yard From Pests And Disease

When stumps are left behind, they slowly rot. This will invite in pests like termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects that like to spread disease and even come into your home. It can also grow fungi, which can be dangerous to pets and young children.

yard safetyMake Your Property Safer

Even if that stump is close to the ground, leaving it behind can be a safety hazard. Kids running in the yard, you taking your dog out, or even someone like the mailman delivering the mail can trip over it and potentially get injured. As a homeowner, this could result in liability. So keep yourself and others safe by removing that stump.

Make Your Property Look Better

An old stump in your yard doesn’t look pretty. Removing it will help improve the value and aesthetics of your yard. Even ripping the stump up by the roots can damage your lawn, so opt for removal options like grinding.

Contact Hansen’s Tree Service For Stump Removal

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we have the equipment and experience to safely remove stumps from your property. With stump grinding, there are no chemicals or destructive cutting that can damage the surrounding area. This method is economical, safe, and environmentally-friendly. We have several sizes of grinders to meet your needs and grinds 12-18 below the surface of your yard. This helps guarantee that the stump won’t grow back.

We always clean up after ourselves, so you aren’t left with a mountain of wood chips. If you’re looking for a courteous, professional, and thorough team of St. Louis stump removal experts, look no further than Hansen’s Tree Service.

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