When Should I Un-Wrap My Trees After Winter?

Spring is upon us, and that means preparing your trees for warmer weather if you haven’t already. Preparing your trees for spring and helping them recover from the stresses in winter goes a long way in promoting their overall health and wellness.

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If you wrapped your trees in the winter to help prevent sunscald, you may be wondering when the best time to remove the wraps is. Here is when you need to un-wrap your trees after winter and why you should do it sooner rather than later:

unwrap trees in springUn-Wrap Your Trees When The Weather Begins To Warm

When the weather begins to warm, remove the wrap from your trees, typically in March. If you want to wrap your trees to prevent critters like deer from nibbling on the bark of the tree, you can place a protective barrier around it a couple of feet from the trunk, such as chicken wire. Be sure not to add additional material like straw to allow for adequate airflow.

Removing Wraps From Trees After Winter Prevents Pests & Diseases

Leaving wraps on your trees after winter is a bad tree care habit. Because moisture can get trapped inside by the bark, the environment becomes attractive to pests and disease, and not to mention damage like:

  • Girdling & abrasions
  • Bacterial cankers
  • Borers

To Wrap Or Not Wrap Your Trees In The Winter?

Unless the tree is young, has thin bark, or in a spot exposed to salt spray, most trees do not need to be wrapped in burlap or straw in the winter. This method is primarily used to prevent sunscald.

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