Why You Need Winter Pest & Disease Prevention

Think preventative tree care to keep your trees safe from pests and disease is a chore waiting for Spring green-up? Think again.

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Late winter is one of the best times to treat your trees with preventative treatments to nip pests while they overwinter as eggs or immature life-stages. Late winter pest and disease prevention will:

Stop Pests & Disease Early

Like your trees, pests that can spread disease are dormant in the winter. This dormancy makes them much more vulnerable to early preventative treatments like horticultural oil applications.

Pruning your trees in the winter is also an excellent way to protect them, as the freshly cut limbs will be ready to grow quickly in the spring and resist attack from pests.

Fewer Treatments Come Spring

When treated early, your trees may not need as many treatments applications come spring, as it is easier to take preventive measures rather than reactive steps to keep your trees healthy.

Invest In Routine Plant Health Care

Investing in routine plant health care like pruning and pest and disease prevention and treatment will go a long way in keeping your trees healthy and your property safe.

Before treating your trees for pests in the winter, call a professional tree care company like Hansen’s Tree Service. We will happily come to your home to give you hassle free estimate and help you determine the best treatment methods for your trees.

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