Tree Of The Month: The Flowering Dogwood

Welcome to our new monthly feature, the Tree of the Month. Each month we’ll provide readers with an in-depth look at a select species of tree. The focus of the Tree of the Month feature will be on trees native to the Midwest or that will thrive in area soil [...]

Meet Agrilus Planipennis

They’re small, they’re green, and they’re from the other side of the globe. Their name is Agrilus planipennis, but they go by “Emerald Ash Borer.” And they’re here to kill your ash trees. What Is The Emerald Ash Borer? The Emerald Ash Borer is a half-inch long, green insect that [...]

Leave The Chainsaw Work To The Pros

When it comes to cutting down a dead or dying tree, removing large limbs from trees, or cutting a fallen tree into either firewood or small, easy to handle sections, no tool is more effective than a chainsaw. A chainsaw can make short work of most pruning or tree removal [...]

Planting Trees In Clay-Heavy Soil

Anyone interested in growing strong, healthy trees should take the time to learn about the soil in which those trees are or will be growing. That may sound basic, but it’s often overlooked by homeowners. And in the St. Louis area, clay is a significant ingredient in soil. If you’re [...]

Welcome J.T. Thomas!

Please join all of us at Hansen’s Tree Service in welcoming our new Product Sales Specialist, J.T. Thomas. As a product sales specialist, J.T. will work with our customers providing a full spectrum of services ranging from selecting and scheduling bulk mulch deliveries and pick up of other to educating [...]