Plant Healthy Trees that are Perfect for your Yard

By Jeff Hansen, President of Hansen’s Tree Service The first sign of spring is so refreshing that you may want to bask in the moment, but you’ve got work to do- that is, if you want to plant trees. Early spring is the best time to plant trees because the [...]

Spring Lawn Care Leads to Healthy Beautiful Lawns

By Jeff Hansen, President of Hansen’s Tree Service If you’re like many homeowners, you’re probably getting ready to tune up your lawnmowers. But don’t mow your lawn just yet: there are many tasks that need to be performed before the first mowing! Even if you neglected some important fall lawn [...]

Early Spring is the Perfect Time for Tree Care

By Jeff Hansen, President of Hansen?s Tree Service With the warm weather, the bright sunshine and the green foliage, how can anyone not enjoy springtime? But before you break out the barbeque or get too comfortable relaxing in your yard, there are several tree care steps that must be performed [...]