Meet Agrilus Planipennis

They’re small, they’re green, and they’re from the other side of the globe. Their name is Agrilus planipennis, but they go by “Emerald Ash Borer.” And they’re here to kill your ash trees. What Is The Emerald Ash Borer? The Emerald Ash Borer is a half-inch long, green insect that [...]

Help! Your Trees Through The Dog Days Of Summer

It’s no secret that the summers in St. Louis and across Missouri can feature weather that can only be described as brutal. With temperatures reaching triple digits, the occasional hailstorm, drought, or torrential rains, summer can do heavy and lasting damage to your trees and, in extreme cases, destroy them. [...]

What’s wrong with my tree? Sycamore anthracnose

Sycamore anthracnose is a fungal disease The sycamore anthracnose fungus, Apiognomonia veneta, is most commonly seen during the cool, wet weather of spring. This fungal disease twigs via petioles (the stalk that attaches the leaf blade to the stem) during the growing season and remains inactive until the tree goes [...]

Prevent the spread of pests and diseases! Don’t move firewood!

As campers, hikers, and other outdoors people, we all want to enjoy the beauty of our forests and wilderness areas. But did you know that carelessness with firewood can have devastating repercussions on these cherished places?

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Lace Bugs

Lace Bugs Include Dozens Of Species In The United States In the United States, there are over 165 species of lace bugs. In Missouri, the most common include the sycamore lace bug, azalea lace bug, and many others named after their host tree: Cherry Oak Elm Hawthorn This species gets [...]