Combating Dutch Elm Disease In Missouri

Dutch elm disease is a fungal disease caused by Ophiostoma ulmi that enters the tree through wounds. Once infected, it spreads to the woody tissue that conducts water before moving throughout the tree. This stops the tree from getting the nutrients it needs. Dutch elm disease is found in most [...]

The 4 Best Replacement Trees For Your Ash

Ash trees are highly susceptible to the invasive emerald ash borer. This pest feeds on the leaves and bark of ash trees, causing extensive damage and tree death. Since 2002, it has killed millions of ash trees and caused billions of dollars of damage in the United States. Up Next: [...]

Testing Long-Term Emerging Treatments For Oak Galls

Oak galls are a common tree problem that has been historically overlooked as a cosmetic disease. But now we know that without the right care, they can cause leaf browning and dieback and cut off essential nutrients to twigs. If an infestation is severe enough, oak galls can kill the [...]

Invasive Species To Keep An Eye Out For In Missouri

Invasive species in Missouri pose a threat to the native environment through the crowding out of native species and habitat destruction. A species is considered invasive when it comes from other watersheds, regions, or continents and in their new environment have no natural controls. These invasives can be in the [...]

Hansen’s Essential Summer Tree Care Checklist

Welcome, summer! If you haven’t already been thinking about your trees and their summer health, it’s time to start. Tree maintenance is your responsibility as a property owner to keep your property safe and your trees healthy. Up Next: Tips For Protecting Your Trees In The Summer Heat For healthy [...]