Time To Prepare Your Garden For Fall

The cool, crisp days of fall with their light, dry breezes, and turning leaves may seem far away during the dog days of summer, but now is the time to plan for fall tree care. Investing some planning, time, and effort in your fall tree care can ensure your trees [...]

Missouri’s Diverse Weather: Choosing the Perfect Trees for Your Landscape

Compared with areas to the north and to the south, Missouri sees an amazingly wide range of weather extremes. The average high temperatures in the St. Louis area for July, for example, is 88 degrees, while the average low temperature in January stands at 23 degrees. The record highs and [...]

Are Your Trees “Storm Safe” For Summer?

While people tend to think of heat and humidity as the hallmarks of summer in the Midwest – particularly in the St. Louis area – the sun and high temperatures also bring with them another weather feature: severe storms. Summer Storms – A Show Of Nature’s Power Most people living [...]

Warning Sign A Tree Company May Not Be Reputable?

Asking For Money Upfront Tree care companies are in high demand for their expertise in maintaining and improving the health of your trees. However, not all tree care companies are created equal. Some companies may ask for payment upfront, which can be a red flag and a warning sign to [...]

How to repair and protect your trees suffering from animal damage

Are you concerned about the trees in your yard suffering from animal damage? Animals such as squirrels, rabbits, and deer often cause injuries to trees that can range from benign chewing and stripping bark all the way up to fatal girdling. There’s no need for panic if you notice some [...]