Arbor Age Tree of the Month: ‘Shamrock’ Littleleaf Linden

Editor’s Note: This article, by Len Phillips, ASLA Emeritus, appeared in December 2008 issue of Arbor Age magazine. It is posted here with permission from Arbor Age and is not intended for reprint or republication. For more Arbor Age articles, visit Botanical Name: Tilia cordata ‘Bailey’

Horticultural oils – what are they?

What are horticultural oils & what do they do? Answer Horticultural oils are ultra fine, manmade oils with no toxic properties.  They are used as a pest control.  The oil irritates the insects & suffocates the eggs of many different kinds of pests.  There are a variety of horticultural oils available (some [...]

This Fall, Give Your Trees Some TLC

THIS FALL, GIVE YOUR TREES SOME TLC By Jeff Hansen, President of Hansen?s Tree Service They add character to neighborhoods, beauty to rolling hills and depth to flat prairies. They mark the changing of our seasons as well as the passage of time. Most people really appreciate their trees, as [...]

Fire Blight

Click Here For More Information We started seeing Fire Blight on pear trees in the area increase over the past 7-10 years, the ornamental pear trees whether it was a Bradford or Cleveland really began to be popular in a lot of landscapes and because of the high number of [...]

What is Fire Blight?

Fire blight is a destructive, highly infectious and widespread disease caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora.