Fall And Winter Care On Trees & Shrubs

The 2022 growing season was complicated to say the least. It started with a late frost, wet/cool spring, and dry/hot summer, and we had excessive rainfall and severe storm events. Now we are seeing snow and frigid temperatures in some areas! We have seen a lot of trees that are [...]

Take Extra Care Of Your Young Trees In The Winter

Young, newly-planted trees are vulnerable to winter damage and need extra care and attention. To keep them safe and healthy throughout the season, follow these three tips:

4 Classic Signs That Your Trees Are Stressed

It’s a common misconception that insects and diseases are the only causes of tree illness and death. While trees are very resilient organisms, environmental factors like improper planting and exposure to salt spray can cause them stress. Trees can be more susceptible to the aforementioned pests and diseases when stressed. [...]

3 common tree care myths you can stop believing right now

If you’re a new or long-time homeowner, you may have questions regarding the correct care of the trees on your property. How much is watering too much? Should you go ahead and apply mulch? How can you prevent a tree from falling during a storm?

Pruning your trees reduces storm damage

With storms rolling through the St. Louis region, damage to your trees can happen, especially if they are weak or haven’t been pruned. Tree pruning is an essential part of maintaining that tree’s healthy structure. Correct pruning promotes healthy growth, removes unhealthy growth, and prevents branch failure. Healthy pruning techniques, [...]