Hansen’s Full Load Guarantee

We use Loadscan’s volumetric scanner to ensure measurement accuracy to +/- 1%. It is the only internationally recognized Weights and Measurement Certifications (AUS & NZ), allowing us to guarantee a full load*. You’ll never have to worry about being shorted again.

How Does Load Volume Scanning Work?

Using the LoadScan, an empty semi is scanned, quantifying the negative space in the truck’s bed and storing the information in the equipment’s database. After loading, the semi drives under the scanner, where a 3D image of the load displays in the Loadscan monitor and reports the volumetric measurement. The load data remains stored, including 3D Load Profiles of every shipment, providing an audit trail and record of loading.

This allows us to offer guaranteed full loads, ensuring you only pay for what you receive and optimize truck loading with volumetric laser scanning! Hansen’s is the only mulch wholesaler in the region where you’ll find accurate product measurement delivery using the Load Volume System.

Hansen’s is delighted to provide clients with a system that is proven to be accurate and reliable. With our Full Load Guarantee, we strive to ensure that you do not overpay for materials while minimizing waste and providing full load debt settlement – this is Hansen’s commitment to you.


Contact JT to discuss wholesale options if you’re looking for a reliable mulch, compost, or soils partner.

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*Full Load Guarantee only applies to full and partial commercial semi loads

Wholesale Mulch, Compost, and Soils

If your a commercial company in the St. Louis area in need of wholesale pricing please complete the form below and we will get in touch with you. If you are in Branson/Springfield area, please call 417.272.8733.