4 Tips For Creating Greener Communities

We are all looking for ways to be greener in our everyday lives, from composting food scraps, switching to energy-efficient windows and lighting, and water-saving toilets. But what about making our communities greener?

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Greener communities benefit all by reducing harmful substances and conditions and providing the opportunity for outdoor recreation. If you want to make your community greener, we suggest these four tips to get started:

Buy Local

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Buying local products is an easy way to reduce food miles and keep resources in your community. A simple Google search can help you find local suppliers and farmers’ markets. If your city has a community garden, they often share the fruits of their labor with the community.

Plant Trees & Recycle Green Waste

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we are big advocates for trees. They help keep us cool, clean our air and water, and beautify our world. Planting trees is a great way to make our communities beautiful and greener, as well as helping property values.

When tree work is required, a lot of green waste is left behind. Recycling that green waste from yard work keeps green waste out of landfills and creates 100% organic mulch and compost. These products, in turn, help suppress weeds, manage water, and add essential nutrients back into the soil.

Form A Community Garden

If you want to help create more green spaces in your community, community gardens are a great place to start. These gardens help create a sense of community by working towards a common purpose, including access to fresh food. They also transform vacant lots that would otherwise sit empty and ugly into beautiful spaces.

Before starting a community garden, consider who owns the land and if they “may be able to sell, rent, or donate land or may want to be a partner in your garden or installation.” The quality of the soil should also be considered and how much cleanup is needed. You should also take into consideration:

  • Budget
  • Garden size
  • Garden construction

Support Community Tree Recovery Programs

In the wake of Hurricane Ida and western forest fires, we must help trees and communities recover. To help communities recover, the Arbor Day Foundation formed the Community Tree Recovery program in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. To date, they have planted over 5 million trees worldwide.

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, “To ensure the success of each recovery project, we work closely with local partners on the ground to help organize events and to make sure we’re delivering the right trees at a time when each community is ready to replant” To bring such efforts to your area, you and your community can start a fundraiser to raise money to put trees where they are needed most.

Make Your Communities Greener

Recycle Your Green Waste With Hansen’s Tree Service

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