Common maple tree problems to keep an eye out for

Maples are a common sight across the country. In Missouri, there is a mix of native and naturalized species that provide shade, lumber, sap for syrup, and natural beauty. These include sugar maple, red maple, silver maple, and many more. While sturdy, maples are susceptible to certain diseases and pests. Here are the most common:

Anthracnosedisease and pest prevention

Anthracnose disease is caused by various fungi and presents as tan, brown, or black spots on leaves near the leaf veins, moving outwards. Cankers may also be present. This disease is primarily cosmetic, and while it appears alarming, it rarely kills a tree. However, remaining untreated can weaken the tree.

Anthracnose can be managed by collecting and destroying all invested leaves and branches. A professional tree care company like Hansen’s Tree Service can prune away branches with cankers and recommend a fungicide.

Powdery mildew

That’s now powdered sugar on your maple leaves; it’s powdery mildew. This is a very common fungus that accompanies humid and wet weather. Initial infection shows itself as a white or grey powder. It can progress to include leaf drops and curling and yellowing leaves.

Applying an approved fungicide, planting resistant tree varieties, and cleaning all tools between use can help prevent the spread of powdery mildew. Getting your maples pruned will also provide good airflow in the branches to allow leaves to dry.

Tar Spot

Tar spot is a fungal disease and is an umbrella term for various conditions that affect the foliage of ornamental and shade trees like maples. This disease can be caused by different types of fungi that overwinter on infected leaves that have fallen to the ground. Thankfully, this disease is mostly cosmetic.

To prevent this problem, avoid overhead watering, remove infected leaves, and sanitize lawn equipment between use.

Verticillium wilt

Verticillium wilt is a fungal disease that can occur either acutely or chronically. The fungus infiltrates the “veins” of the tree (xylem) that carry water throughout and then block that flow.

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