Prevent the spread of pests and diseases! Don’t move firewood!

As campers, hikers, and other outdoors people, we all want to enjoy the beauty of our forests and wilderness areas. But did you know that carelessness with firewood can have devastating repercussions on these cherished places?

Moving firewood from one area to another can lead to pests and diseases being inadvertently spread out of their natural range, resulting in dead trees and severely damaged ecosystems. That’s why it’s so important to adhere strictly to the leave-no-trace rule:

“Don’t move firewood!”

What can be spread through moving firewood?don't move firewood

Many tree pests and diseases can be spread throughout the country via firewood. These include, but are not limited to:

How far is too far to move firewood?

According to, “As a very general rule of thumb, 50 miles is too far, and 10 miles or less is best.”

If your firewood has been heat-treated and features a state or federal stamp or seal, it’s safe to bring it with you as long as the packaging remains intact. Then, make sure it is burned at the campground. The campground may require heat-treated wood or have wood for sale on-site. Because pests like EAB are prevalent in Missouri, border states like Illinois prohibit the entry of firewood from Missouri.

Get your green waste recycled locally at Hansen’s Tree Service

Hansen’s Tree Service makes recycling green waste responsibly and locally easy. Instead of letting green waste clog local landfills, we can grind large amounts into mulch and help the environment.

By turning green waste into mulch, Hansen’s helps reduce pollution, replace harsh chemicals that may be used in green spaces, enrich soil fertility and keep your yard looking fantastic. The bonus? Our green waste recycling service saves valuable space for useful materials at local landfills and preserves nature for future generations.

After a job, if you want us to leave your green waste so you can use it as firewood, we will be more than happy to do so! Just remember to burn it locally to stop the spread of harmful pests and diseases.

Put Your Green Waste To Good Use

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