6 ways you can start preparing your property for fall now

Fall is just around the corner! But before we can enjoy our hot drinks and fall weather, we need to start preparing our properties.

Clean your gutters

Before the leaves start turning and falling, take the time to clean your gutters if you haven’t done it yet. If you neglect your gutters, they can become clogged and overflow during wet weather. This is terrible news for your house, as that water isn’t being directed away and can cause foundation problems.

This excess water can also promote problems like root rot if plants are near your home.

organic mulchGet your trees inspected

Make an appointment with the ISA Certified Arborists to get your trees inspected. An inspection is a great way to catch problems before they worsen and help identify dangerous trees. Our arborists will also give you a free estimate and make tree care suggestions based on their findings.

Clean your yard of old green waste

Pests and fungi love to hang out in old green waste just sitting around our property. Ensure this is cleaned up and sent to a green waste recycling center. Green waste is kept out of landfills at a recycling center and helps prevent problems like snow mold if left on your lawn. Green waste can also be recycled into 100% organic products like mulch and compost.

Aerate and apply topdressing to your lawn

Aerating your lawn can help it thrive throughout the colder months by reducing soil compaction so water and nutrients can get to the grass roots. Then, you can reseed and apply organic topdressing to improve soil structure for a green spring!

Apply a new layer of mulch

Finally, apply a new layer of mulch around your trees and landscaping. Mulch is a great way to preserve soil moisture and insulate roots from heat and cold. Always use correct mulching techniques to prevent rot around the base of the plants, oxygen starvation, and too much heat.

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