Rethink DIY Tree Care!

Do you have trees in your yard? If so, it’s important to make sure they’re correctly cared for. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you must do all this work yourself! While DIY tree care can seem like a great way to save time and money, there are many instances where it is better to hire an arborist than tackle the job on your own. Read on as we discuss why enthusiastic (but inexperienced) homeowners should rethink their DIY tree care plans!

Do: Mulch Your Treesmulching

Mulching your trees is an easy way to care for your trees. Mulching helps your trees retain  moisture, maintains a consistent soil temperature, provides nutritional value, and suppress weeds. To correctly mulch your trees, pick the right mulch and the amount you need to prevent under-mulching or waste. Next, keep the mulch away from the base of the tree to avoid moisture damage, and keep it 2-4 inches deep. If next year’s mulch is still there, mix it up with the new.

Don’t: Prune Your Trees Yourself

Correct pruning helps promote growth, prevent branch failure, and removes unhealthy growth. Tree pruning is a science, and improper methods can do more harm than good. Not to mention DIY pruning can lead to accidents like damaged property or serious injury.

Do: Water Your Trees

Watering your trees will keep them healthy and help them establish strong roots when they’re young. Good watering also helps the tree transport nutrients and retain moisture to prevent drying in the winter.

Don’t: Attempt To Remove Trees On Your Own

Protect yourself and your property by entrusting the removal of trees to experts! Our professionals have specialized knowledge, equipment, and full insurance coverage. This ensures a safe job with no added worry or stress on you – much better than attempting it without reliable resources.

Do: Contact The Professionals At Hansen’s Tree Service

Whether it’s disease prevention, pruning, or removal services, the Hansen’s Tree Service professionals have you covered! With an injury rate 30 times higher than other industries, tree care is a hazardous profession, so ensure your trees get inspected by ISA Certified arborists to protect their health and vitality.

Get ahead of potential problems before they arise and help ensure safety in both business & leisure life with regular inspections from our team!

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