Apply Mulch To Your Landscaping Now!

Fall is here and now is the time to apply mulch to your landscaping. Fall mulch insulates soil and roots, helps maintain essential moisture, and suppresses weeds.

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Get a head start on winter and protect your plants by applying mulch today!

fall tree careGet 100% Organic Mulch From Hansen’s Tree Service

When buying mulch for your fall landscaping, you can never go wrong with local, sustainably sourced, 100% organic mulch. Hansen’s Tree Service takes green waste from jobs and takes it to our local facility for processing. We follow strict regulations to ensure that it is safe for the environment, including the use of toxic-free dye.

Apply The Mulch Correctly

When applying mulch to your landscaping you need to make sure that you are doing it correctly:

  • Avoid mulch volcanoes
  • Mix up the old mulch, aerating it and checking depth
  • Apply mulch in a donut shape, avoiding the trunk and bark
  • Keep the mulch 2-4 inches deep

Correctly laying down mulch will help ensure that your plants don’t suffer from afflictions like root rot or suffocation. Wait until after a hard frost in the fall before applying.

Get Mulch Delivered To Your Door

Yes! There’s no need for you to leave your home to get the mulch you need, because Hansen’s will deliver it right to your door! Simply place an order online for delivery and state the best time to deliver.

Mulch is also available for bulk pick-up at our O’Fallon and Arnold locations.

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