3 common tree care myths you can stop believing right now

If you’re a new or long-time homeowner, you may have questions regarding the correct care of the trees on your property. How much is watering too much? Should you go ahead and apply mulch? How can you prevent a tree from falling during a storm?

Internet searches can bring up some misleading information when it comes to tree care, so let us dispel the most common tree care myths:

MYTH #1: Newly planted trees should be staked to help them grow better

With how delicate young, newly planted trees can be, it may surprise some people that staking it does not help its growth. While staking can be beneficial and necessary on extremely windy sites, staking a tree can prevent healthy growth and the development of a strong trunk.

If your trees need to be staked, dynamic tree cabling allows the tree to move naturally while providing non-invasive support.

MYTH #2: The more water for your trees, the better

While water is essential to the health of a tree, too much water can do more harm than good. When exposed to too much water, root rot and other conditions can occur. Before you water your trees, stick a screwdriver into the soil, and if it comes away dry, your tree could use watering. Also, knowing the type of tree you have will go a long way in keeping them healthy and preventing overwatering. Many trees are drought resistant.

MYTH #3: If a tree looks healthy, it is healthy

No tree is 100% immune to pests, diseases, and other problems. Even if a tree looks healthy, it could have root problems or other issues that have jeopardized its structural integrity. Getting your trees inspected by a professional can help diagnose problems before they worsen.

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