3 tips for keeping your trees safe in extreme heat

It’s hot in St. Louis! With this excessive heat, you’re worrying about the sun frying your beloved plants and trees. Thankfully, with older, established trees, you don’t have to worry too much about their safety but if you have some that are newly transplanted, watch them closely.

To keep your trees safe when the temperature rises, follow these three tips:water trees0

Water trees slowly to prevent overwatering

Regular watering is critical in keeping your trees safe in extreme heat—especially if it hasn’t rained in a while. Slow watering allows the water to penetrate deeply into the soil. Using a water bag or other drip system can help prevent overwatering, which can lead to problems like basal tree rot.

Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day

The best time to water is in the early morning or after the sun goes down to minimize the amount of water lost to evaporation. If you have trouble remembering, you can set a timer to remind you to get your watering in before it gets too hot!

Apply mulch to prevent moisture loss

To prevent moisture loss in the soil around your trees, apply organic mulch. This landscaping material is budget-friendly, safe for the environment, and comes in different colors and consistencies.

We recommend applying mulch 1-2 inches deep and spread evenly throughout the landscape. You want to make sure that there is enough mulch on the top to help retain moisture but not too much that root rot, overheating, and pests take root. Be sure to mix up the old mulch from last year with the new.

At Hansen’s Tree Service, our ISA-certified arborists are always ready to help you with all mulching questions you may have. We also offer online ordering and delivery of our organic mulch so you can get what you need when you need it.

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