Topsoil is an essential part of your lawn and garden, consisting of mineral particles, organic matter, water, and air. It is used to improve the health of your garden and is extremely important to the health of your plants.

Screened topsoil is the same as non-screened topsoil except that it has been sifted through varying sized mesh to consist of more uniform particles. The consistency of screened topsoil is more visually appealing and best used for the top layer of a garden.

This topsoil is uniform in texture and can be easily raked and graded, and is best when it is worked into existing soil. If you are looking for topsoil to be used in a project like installing a garden and need a firm foundation, unscreened topsoil is your best choice.

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Residential delivery only.  Commercial clients please contact Hansen’s for wholesale pricing.

Screened topsoil

$40/cubic yard

*Prices shown for residential customers. Please call for wholesale pricing.