Andy’s Monthly Tree Report – May 2023

Oh, how time flies… I feel like most plants have finally fully leafed out and it’s almost June already. Unsurprisingly, May’s weather has been hot, cold, wet, and dry which makes for some interesting situations in the urban landscape. Below are some highlights of what’s been going on: That nasty [...]

Prevent the spread of pests and diseases! Don’t move firewood!

As campers, hikers, and other outdoors people, we all want to enjoy the beauty of our forests and wilderness areas. But did you know that carelessness with firewood can have devastating repercussions on these cherished places?

Common maple tree problems to keep an eye out for

Maples are a common sight across the country. In Missouri, there is a mix of native and naturalized species that provide shade, lumber, sap for syrup, and natural beauty. These include sugar maple, red maple, silver maple, and many more. While sturdy, maples are susceptible to certain diseases and pests. [...]

5 Common Tree Diseases & How To Protect Your Trees

Seeing brown spots on your tree’s leaves? A strange gelatinous mass that is reminiscent of something from a sci-fi flick? Your tree may be suffering from one of these five common diseases. Up Next: Prevent Insect Problems With Horticultural Oil Treatments Trying to identify what’s happening to your tree can [...]