Andy’s Monthly Tree Report – May 2023

Oh, how time flies… I feel like most plants have finally fully leafed out and it’s almost June already. Unsurprisingly, May’s weather has been hot, cold, wet, and dry which makes for some interesting situations in the urban landscape. Below are some highlights of what’s been going on: That nasty [...]

3 Pests To Look Out For In Your Garden This June

June is a busy month for gardeners! Not only do you have to worry about keeping your plants healthy and thriving, but you also need to be on the lookout for pests. This month, keep an eye out for these three pests:

Get Your Trees Treated For Bagworms!

Bagworms are a common site in the Midwest, with eggs hatching May through June. After hatching, the larvae emerge to create bags of their own by gradually incorporating materials from crawling around.

Leaf Feeding Insects: Will They Harm My Trees?

Insects are a natural part of our ecosystem and vital to its health. So if you come across them on your trees, there is often no reason to be concerned. Up Next: Recognizing, Treating, & Preventing Borer Infestations There are insects that naturally feed on tree leaves that you don’t [...]

Help! My Trees Have Bagworms!

Bagworms are a common pest in the Midwest that feed on many types of trees.  While most common on arborvitae and junipers, they can also be found on smaller hardwood trees. Up Next: Invasive Species Alert: The Emerald Ash Borer Controlling bagworms is an arduous task that takes patience and [...]