3 common tree care myths you can stop believing right now

If you’re a new or long-time homeowner, you may have questions regarding the correct care of the trees on your property. How much is watering too much? Should you go ahead and apply mulch? How can you prevent a tree from falling during a storm?

3 Ways You Unknowingly May Be Harming Your Trees

Trees are unique organisms. They help filter the air to reduce pollution, conserve energy, increase the value of a property, provide habitats, and reduce stormwater runoff. Caring for trees is essential to the health of the environment and our communities. Up Next: Managing Tree Root Diseases You want the best [...]

What To Do When Your Tree Is Struck By Lightning

Storm damage to trees is a common complaint in the spring and summer months. Lightning strikes can be frightening and cause you to worry about the safety of your property and trees. Up Next: EAB Protection: Take Action Now! When a tree is damaged by a lightning strike it can [...]

What Is Dynamic Tree Cabling & When Do You Need It?

Has a tree on your property become unstable, or damaged due to severe weather? There is no need to fret! If the tree is in good health otherwise, you may be able to save the tree from being removed completely through dynamic tree cabling and limb support.

Tree Risk Assessments Help Minimize Storm Damage Potential

Unless you haven’t left your home for the past month, this announcement will come as no surprise: Spring / summer storms have arrived. With much of the St. Louis area still recovering from the recent flooding that left many riverfront communities under water, it is past time to begin considering [...]