Why choose Hansen’s Tree Service for fall tree care?

Welcome to fall! You no doubt have many outdoor plans on the schedule, including things like bonfires, hayrides, and other fun fall activities. But do you have plans to get your trees in order?

Hansen’s Tree Service Can Provide Tree Care In The Tightest Spots

At Hansen’s Tree Service, no job is too big or too small. But sometimes, providing tree care like removal can be problematic when they are close to homes, sheds, utilities, and other trees. This can make it difficult to use our larger, standard equipment to provide effective tree care on [...]

How Do I Get Ice Off Of My Trees?

Ice coating our trees after a winter storm can be nerve-wracking; especially if a tree is close to our homes or place of business. You may be tempted to remove the ice yourself. Up Next: Tree Risk Assessments Help Minimize Storm Damage Potential Removing ice from your trees is a [...]

Hiring A Tree Care Specialist: Always Check Their Credentials

Hiring a tree care specialist is not a task you should take lightly. You need someone who has the skills and knowledge to correctly care for your trees. Up Next: What Do Trees Need To Be Healthy? When hiring a tree care specialist to come to your home, remember to [...]

Tree Maintenance: A Property Owner’s Responsibility

While healthy trees add value to your property, they can cost you if improperly cared for. As a property owner, you have a legal duty to inspect your trees for defects that may result in harming people that visit your property. This legal obligation is known as “duty of care” [...]