Common maple tree problems to keep an eye out for

Maples are a common sight across the country. In Missouri, there is a mix of native and naturalized species that provide shade, lumber, sap for syrup, and natural beauty. These include sugar maple, red maple, silver maple, and many more. While sturdy, maples are susceptible to certain diseases and pests. [...]

4 More Dos’ & Don’ts Of Fall Tree Care

At Hansen’s Tree Service, it’s no secret that tree care is our passion. Our mission is to educate and help you care for your trees throughout the year. Up Next: Tree Services To Consider This Fall Previously, we discuss five dos’ and don’ts of fall tree care. This year, we [...]

What’s Wrong With My Trees? Wood Decay

Wood Decay Is Caused By Fungi While wood decay is natural—and beneficial—in nature, we don’t necessarily want it occurring in the trees on our lawns. Wood decay first begins when the tree is damaged by natural or man-made means, be it a storm or improper pruning. Fungus spores and bacteria [...]

Take Action Now To Prevent Freeze & Thaw Damage In Your Trees

As spring approaches and temperatures fluctuate, having that burst of warmer weather might be nice for us, but it can be a problem for trees. Rapid changes in temperature can cause freeze and thaw damage in trees that will cause problems down the road. Up Next: 4 Winter Tree Care [...]

Keep Them Under Control: Good Caterpillars Versus Bad

Caterpillars are the larvae of either moths or butterflies and at this stage in their life, they eat. Because of this, they can cause damage to your garden and trees. But how do you know what caterpillars can be detrimental to the health of your trees? Up Next: 4 Essential [...]