3 Pests To Look Out For In Your Garden This June

June is a busy month for gardeners! Not only do you have to worry about keeping your plants healthy and thriving, but you also need to be on the lookout for pests. This month, keep an eye out for these three pests:

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetle Is An Invasive Species In The United States Introduced to the United States in the early 1900s, the Japanese beetle most likely came here in the soil of ornamental plants from Japan. These beautiful scarabs are a brilliant metallic green with copper-brown wings and approximately 1/3 to half-inch [...]

Identifying & Controlling Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are “skeletonizers” that feed on a plant’s leaves until only the veins remain. They will feed on hundreds of different plants and are invasive to Missouri and the United States. Up Next: Hit ‘Em First: Pest Prevention During Winter Produces Healthier Trees Year Round Once Japanese beetles are [...]