4 Tips For Creating Greener Communities

We are all looking for ways to be greener in our everyday lives, from composting food scraps, switching to energy-efficient windows and lighting, and water-saving toilets. But what about making our communities greener? Up Next: Hansen’s Takes Part In Missouri Bicentennial Landscaping Project Greener communities benefit all by reducing harmful [...]

Invasive Species Alert: Tree Of Heaven

Invasive species are a problem in the Midwest and United States, from emerald ash borer to Bradford pears. Invasive species crowed out beneficial native plants, harming local ecosystems. Up Next: Native Landscaping: Trees & Plants To Attract Birds In Missouri One of these invasive species to be on the lookout [...]

Removing Unwanted Tree Saplings From Your Yard

It’s no secret that we love trees here at Hansen’s Tree Service. Trees provide multitudes of benefits to ourselves, our homes, and the planet: Reduced energy costs Less stress Cleaner air Up Next: Tree Care 101: Preventative & Curative Treatments But sometimes, there are times when we don’t want a [...]

4 Low-pollen Trees For Your Missouri Garden

Spring allergies are the bane of many a person’s existences in Missouri. High pollen counts coat our cars yellow and get us sneezing up a storm. Keeping an eye on pollen counts can help us with allergies, as well as knowing what trees are the biggest offenders. Up Next: 6 [...]

Native Landscaping: Trees & Plants To Attract Birds In Missouri

Spring is just around the corner and already we are starting to see birds like robins make their appearance. Birds are an essential part of our ecosystem, acting as pollinators and pest control. Up Next: Tips For Creative Your Native Missouri Pollinator Garden With Hansen’s Super Soil Not only are [...]