The Right Organic Compost Can Be A Game Changer

Compost is compost, and yes, it’s organic, right? Not really. Organic compost is made up of decomposed organic matter such as leaves, garden waste, food scraps, and other biodegradable matter. If a material is biodegradable, it can likely be used in compost. What Does Compost Do? Compost can add vital [...]

How to prepare your soil for spring gardening

It may still feel like winter outside, but soon it will be spring, which means one thing for gardeners – soil preparation! Before you can nurture new plants in your glorious garden this season, you’ll need to focus on creating a nutrient-rich environment that helps support their growth. Here is [...]

How to plant in your USDA plant hardiness zone

Gardening is an experience that can be rewarding and fulfilling. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned green thumb, learning to plant within your specific USDA plant hardiness zone is the first step towards successful gardening. By understanding factors such as climate patterns, sunlight conditions, soil fertility, and more for [...]

What’s Wrong With My Tree? Nematodes

Nematodes Are Non-Segmented Roundworms Nematodes are non-segmented roundworms that live in the soil and play a vital role in the environment, like controlling disease and cycle nutrients. Some feed on plants and algae, others feed on fungi and bacteria, and other nematodes feed on other nematodes. Most nematodes aren’t plant [...]

Take Advantage Of Hansen’s Green Waste Recycling This Year

Are you still holding on to those branches from the latest winter weather in your yard? Not sure what to do with your live Christmas tree? You feel bad about putting it in the trash, but surely there’s something better you can do with it? Up Next: 6 Landscaping Tips [...]