What’s Wrong With My Tree? Overwintering Pests

A Variety Of Pests Overwinter In Trees Overwintering pests include many scale insects (found mostly on oaks, maples and pines) and spider mites. They make their homes inside trees for the winter before emerging in the spring to feed. This can cause damage to your trees if left untreated for [...]

Tree Care 101: Preventative & Curative Treatments

When it comes to our trees, their health should never be overlooked. Preventative and curative tree treatments work together to keep your tree healthy and free of pests and disease. Up Next: 4 Low-Pollen Trees For Your Missouri Garden These treatments can consist of injection treatments as well as seasonal [...]

What Is Wrong With My Tree? Jumping Oak Galls

Jumping Oak Galls Are Wasp Eggs Yes! Jumping oak galls are wasp eggs. Female wasps lay their eggs on the underside of leaves in the late spring, which lead to the development of round disks. These disks contain one wasp larvae. They are called jumping oak galls because they are [...]