Tips for cleaning up your landscaping after winter

With winter coming to a close and spring just around the corner, homeowners may be thinking about updating their outdoor landscaping for the warmer months. From replacing dead plants to cutting back overgrown areas, there are several things you can do to get your lawn ready for summer. But before [...]

4 Tips For The Best Tree Fertilization Practices

When winter is over, and the snow has passed, fertilization can be a boon to your trees, especially if the surrounding soil lacks essential nutrients. Fertilization also helps trees ward off diseases and pests. Up Next: Why Soil Injected Fertilizer Is Worthwhile But fertilizing is more than just picking up [...]

Hansen’s Organic Mulch 101: Your Essential Questions Answered

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we talk about the necessity of mulch a lot. And for good reason! Organic mulch does a lot for your trees, garden beds, and the environment by providing a host of benefits like keeping the soil a consistent temperature, preventing weeds, and improving soil conditions. Up [...]

When Should I Un-Wrap My Trees After Winter?

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4 Tips For Planting Trees In The Winter

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