Pruning your trees reduces storm damage

With storms rolling through the St. Louis region, damage to your trees can happen, especially if they are weak or haven’t been pruned. Tree pruning is an essential part of maintaining that tree’s healthy structure. Correct pruning promotes healthy growth, removes unhealthy growth, and prevents branch failure. Healthy pruning techniques, [...]

What To Do When Your Tree Is Struck By Lightning

Storm damage to trees is a common complaint in the spring and summer months. Lightning strikes can be frightening and cause you to worry about the safety of your property and trees. Up Next: EAB Protection: Take Action Now! When a tree is damaged by a lightning strike it can [...]

Storms sweep through St. Louis area Tuesday night

There was quite a lightning show on Tuesday evening and with it came rain, hail and power outages in parts of the St. Louis area. If your home, car or other property were damaged by trees in the storm, contact Hansen’s Tree Service today. We handle any size tree removal [...]