Can you plant a tree where another was removed?

Be it from damage or disease, sometimes a tree needs to be removed. Dead and drying trees not only invite pests and diseases but can potentially fall and cause personal or property damage. After removing the tree, can you plant another tree where it was? You can, but it’s typically [...]

When Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary?

After the removal of a tree from your property, the stump will be left behind. Should you remove it? Leave it? Up Next: What Is The Best Time Of Year To Remove A Tree? At Hansen’s Tree Service, we always recommend the removal of a stump. Why? Removing a stump [...]

Stump Removal? Count On Hansen’s Tree Service’s Safe Stump Grinding

The decision to remove a beloved tree is never an easy one. But when it is suffering from irreparable damage, pests like EAB, or dead, the best thing to do is to remove it for the safety of your family, property, and neighboring trees. Up Next: What To Do With [...]