What’s Wrong With My Tree? Sun Scald

Sun Scald Is A Change In The Tree Bark’s Temperature Also known as southwest injury, sun scald happens when there is a change in the tree bark’s temperature. Injury occurs when cold temperatures occur at night and when the sun rises in the morning, warming the southwest side of the [...]

3 Tips For Wrapping Your Trees For The Winter

The winter can be harsh on trees, as they are exposed and must survive in dry, cold temperatures. When winter approaches, it’s wise to take steps to protect your trees from damage to help ensure that they will be healthy for years to come. Sometimes, that means wrapping your trees [...]

When Should I Un-Wrap My Trees After Winter?

Spring is upon us, and that means preparing your trees for warmer weather if you haven’t already. Preparing your trees for spring and helping them recover from the stresses in winter goes a long way in promoting their overall health and wellness. Up Next: 5 Tips For Helping Your Trees [...]

Understanding Sun Scald

With the fluctuating temperatures we have been having this winter season, it is important to understand how these inconsistent temperatures can affect your trees—especially if they are young and not as established. One threat you should be aware of is sun scald.