How to prepare your soil for spring gardening

It may still feel like winter outside, but soon it will be spring, which means one thing for gardeners – soil preparation! Before you can nurture new plants in your glorious garden this season, you’ll need to focus on creating a nutrient-rich environment that helps support their growth. Here is [...]

Get Your Organic Compost From Hansen’s Tree Service Today!

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we are dedicated to the health of your trees and garden. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our organic products are thoroughly tested and certified to ensure their quality. It also means that products like our compost are created through locally sourced green waste [...]

5 Tips For Amending Rocky Soil

Rocky soil can be a pain for Midwest gardeners. It lacks the nutrients plants need, is not good at holding water, and is difficult to till. Thankfully, amending rocky soil is not overly difficult but expect to do some work! Up Next: When Is The Best Time To Begin Composting? [...]

4 Tips For Using Topsoil In Your Landscaping

Topsoil is an extremely beneficial product to your landscaping. It helps suppress weeds, amend soil, and leveling out your garden prior to seeding. Up Next: 6 Tips For Getting Rid Of A Lawn Full Of Weeds When it comes to using topsoil in your landscaping, know that it is more [...]

Is Too Much Rain Bad For My Lawn?

The rainy season in St. Louis is upon us and with spring showers come the worry for homeowners about the health of their lawn. Can too much rain be bad for it? Up Next: 4 Tips For Buying High-Quality, Nutrient-Rich Compost While rain is beneficial to your lawn in that [...]