Tips For Mowing Your Lawn To The Right Height Each Season

A well-manicured lawn is a common sight in subdivisions around the United States and many families take great pride in them. When mowing your lawn there is a method to the madness, ensuring that the grass is not cut too high or too low. Up Next: 3 Tips For Preventing [...]

The Best Time To Plant Seeds With Hansen’s Super Soil Topsoil

There is something satisfying about growing your own plants from seed, watching new growth sprout. Starting seeds before you plant them is important in getting them ready to be planted outside when the time is right. Up Next: The Hows & Whys Of Performing A Soil Test Following these tips [...]

3 Tips For Preventing A Lawn Full Of Weeds

Who likes a lawn full of weeds that choke out your grass and other plants? While there are benefits to many weeds, such as helping prevent soil erosion and attract pollinators like bees, having them in areas like your vegetable garden or flowerbed isn’t welcome. Up Next: 4 Tips For [...]

4 Tips For Protecting Your Plants From Rabbits

Don’t get us wrong. We love rabbits. They are cute, fuzzy, and overall adorable. But to the gardener, they’re troublesome fiends. Rabbits have a habit of getting into gardens to nibble on plants. While they tend to do less damage than deer, it’s not a comfort to gardeners who have [...]

Hansen’s 3 Tips For Spring Planting & Beautiful Blooms

Spring is a time of new life after the dreariness of winter. It is also the time to begin planning and planting your garden for beautiful blooms throughout the season. Gardening is more than putting plants you like into the ground and hoping for the best. It requires planning, patience, [...]