Now Is The Time To Start Preparing Your Trees & Lawn For Fall

Fall is just around the corner and while it may still be hot outside, it is now the time to start thinking about preparing your trees and lawn for fall. If you did not do it last year, this is now the time to start. Up Next: The Best Trees [...]

4 Benefits Of Applying Organic Topdressing To Your Lawn This Fall

A healthy lawn not only looks good, but can help improve the environment by helping clean the air, trap stormwater runoff, and improve soil structure to prevent compaction. That is why you should topdress your lawn this fall with Hansen’s organic compost, as needed. Here are several benefits to applying [...]

How To Ensure A Green Lawn Next Spring

Fall is officially here, which means it is time to get your lawn prepped for spring. Yes, even in the fall you will need to do some lawn work to give it a head start and reduce headaches for you. Here’s how you can help ensure a green lawn in [...]

Topdressing With Compost Organically Reinvigorates Your Lawn

Maintaining a healthy lawn requires quality soil; however, even the best soil loses nutrients over time. To keep your grass looking its best, you need to occasionally enrich the soil with additional nutrients. While chemical fertilizers are one option, many out there would prefer to keep their lawns natural. So [...]