Improving soil and tree care with an AirSpade® at Hansen’s Tree Service

Are you looking for ways to improve your soil and tree care? At Hansen’s Tree Service, we are proud to offer our clients an effective, efficient tool for providing the highest levels of care: The AirSpade®. The AirSpade® is a pneumatic soil excavation tool that Hansen’s is now employing in [...]

Get Your Trees Evaluated Now!

Getting your trees evaluated is the first step in keeping them healthy and safe. Now is the time to do that before spring storms set in. Getting your trees evaluated is an integral part of your tree’s healthcare, as well as keeping them beautiful.

Essential Tasks To Check Off Of Your Garden To-Do This January

Happy New Year! It’s time to brush off the old, welcome the new, and make goals for the new year—this includes goals for your garden! Up Next: Identifying Dangerous Trees On Your Property This January, start the new year off right by checking off these essential tasks. Not only will [...]

3 Tips For Protecting The History & Beauty Of Our Heritage Trees

A heritage tree is typically a large, individual tree that holds unique or historical value and is often considered irreplaceable. The criteria of a heritage tree include: Size (large diameter and tall trees are typically valued more) Age (older trees have historic value) Rarity (uncommon trees often create more interest) [...]